Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hello friends,

I want to issue a disclaimer before we get started: This blog is mostly for my own purposes. To track my progress, document my meals, how I feel, exercises, failures, successes and all that sort of thing. "Failures and successes in what?" you may be asking. Well, I am attempting to goPrimal. As in, cutting grains, sugars, and other processed materials from my diet and a new approach to exercise. I'm not going to go into too much detail, as I feel like everything is explained really thoroughly on the PB site.

So.... let's talk about today. Well, actually, let's start with yesterday. Yesterday I was doing fine, then circa 5:00 p.m. I gave in. Cake. A cinnamon roll. Nutella. I was pretty pissed off at my self, how could I have done this for the third day in a row? I was beginning to wonder if I would ever REALLY be able to do it. So I marched downstairs to the kitchen (the hotbed of sin) and did some reorganization. My mom was a little confused. "What in the world are you doing?" "Um.... reorganizing. It turns out that my pantry is comprised half of grains, one fourth sugars, one eighth tomatoes, one eighth chicken broth, and two baby cans of mushrooms. Really? Seriously? I was first angry at my parents. Do they WANT me to die? Here I was being raised like I should be able to eat all these empty calories, be left wanting more, and resist the urge to get more. The food I was eating was pretty much nutrition-less (minus the tomatoes and broth, mmm) and highly addictive. Think brains are healthy? Think again. Anyway. I went to the fridge and encountered the same thing. So many sauces comprised of mostly sugar and salt, soda, sweet tea, yuck. The only saving graces were eggs, oranges, cilantro, lettuce, celery, and (thank God) natural, organic deer meat from some game my dad shot himself. Everything else was sweet or dairy-licious. But at least at that moment I knew where my enemies were, and where my allies were stored should I need their help.

This brings me to... today. Pure Grok-ness. This morning I had a fried egg for breakfast. No it was not an organic, cage-free egg, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And when your parents refuse to buy or even research that kind of thing, you just have to do the best with what you have. In addition to that egg, I had a "snack stick" of the deer meat. It was delish. For the constant movement part of the bargain, I cleaned all day. Two bathrooms, and the majority of my own room. I also found time to sneak in a bodyweight workout. You see, I really loathe gyms, but need to build my mojo. I got this fabulous little workout from Mark's Daily Apple. I was so proud of myself, and a little astonished at how ridiculously out of shape I am. I skipped lunch without even worrying about it, and had soup for dinner. My family sits down together for dinner, so whatever momma makes, we eat. It did have beans in the soup, but I navigated around them to get some chopped celery, onion, and chicken. Grapefruit served as dessert and I grabbed an extra venison snack stick to ward off the hungries, which I have right now, unfortunately. My main problem is that I eat like that food will not be there later, which it will be. And I keep telling myself that. "Self, you do not need to go down to the fridge and grab another stick. You are not hungry, it will be there tomorrow, and we have 100 more in the freezer." Of course, I occasionally ignore my own advice and go pig out. But the great thing is, now I will be pigging out on food that will work with my body in positive ways, unlike that grain crap. Speaking of which, I didn't crave any grains today. At all. I looked at them in the pantry and remember their tasteless selves and how you have to add so much to make them any kind of palatable.

I think I should end this with a big thanks to Mark Sisson and the team over at MDA. Also, to StumbleUpon, although you waste my time and feed my procrastination, you have brought me some degree of health, and I thank you.

Well kiddos, I'm going to find something to do before hitting the hay for the night. Have a lovely, Primal day.